Cisco RV042G Router PPPoE problem with


Client is currently using PLDT Fiber connection for their business. Since their router is capable of DUAL WAN and they need a backup internet connection, they decided to get another provider and they decided to get

After the installation of at their location was done, it was tested to work on a laptop as the PPPoE dialer. And since it is our responsibility to configure it on the Cisco RV042G, we continued the work from there. Done this so many times and takes less than 5 minutes to do this simple task. Except on this case, it didn't work.

As a standard process, Cisco RV042G is updated to the latest firmware. Rebooted and same problem. Restore to factory default and still no luck. Tested it on a laptop not using the router and it worked well. Tested it back on the Cisco RV042G and still a problem.

After hours of trying and comparing it with the PLDT configuration we still failed to make it work. A newer Cisco RV340 is being prepared as a test unit thinking it might be a Cisco RV042G problem.

After some time of troubleshooting it worked and it is just because of a simple configuration mistake. Although it works well with other service provider like PLDT and Globe to provide Service Name, for make sure that the Service Name: is BLANK.

 Cisco RV042G is an old but reliable router, if you are interested with the new replacement model for this please check out Cisco RV340 Router.

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