• Cisco RV042G Router PPPoE problem with rise.ph

    Cisco RV042G Router PPPoE problem with rise.ph

    Client is currently using PLDT Fiber connection for their business. Since their router is capable of DUAL WAN and they need a backup internet connection, they decided to get another provider and they decided to get rise.phAfter the installation of rise.ph at their location was done, it was tested to work on a laptop as the PPPoE dialer. And since it is our responsibility...
  • Internet when electricity is out

    Internet when electricity is out

    As with everything else, when electricity is out everything is off.But these days we have our smartphones and laptops that have batteries that last for hours. And it is good to have internet even if the electricity is out.So the question is, if we experience brown out (Power Interruption) would we still have internet connection? Granting we can find ways to power up the...
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