Internet when electricity is out


As with everything else, when electricity is out everything is off.

But these days we have our smartphones and laptops that have batteries that last for hours. And it is good to have internet even if the electricity is out.

So the question is, if we experience brown out (Power Interruption) would we still have internet connection? Granting we can find ways to power up the Wifi Router provided by your internet provider like plugging it into a UPS, Electric Generator or External battery bank.

I am a subscriber of PLDT Home Unli Fibr. And just a while ago we experienced a brown out (Power Interruption) in our area.

But the great thing is that we still have internet on our phones and laptops because the PLDT Wifi Router is connected to a mini UPS, not an official term for it but I call it mini UPS because it functions like one and it is very small. The size is just a little bit bigger than a regular 12VDC power adaptor.

APC Network Power Supply with Battery Backup, 12VDC, 1A, NEMA Plug, Lithium Battery


Other alternative to this is using a full blown UPS or a battery bank with a USB to 12V cable.

I am not sure if this works well with other internet provider or if it works at your place during a brown out (power interruption). Try it yourself and continue enjoying your internet connection for extra more minutes or hours.

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