DITO with 4G Router unlimited Data Internet


DITO has a Welcome Offer Php199 which comes with Unlimited Data, Dito to Dito Calls and Texts. Valid for 30days.

What I am very interested with is the Unlimited Data for only Php199 per month. And even if their promo ends or is revised, the other interesting part is the speed that they offer.

I will share here my experiences with DITO together with its Php199 Welcome offer for Unlimited Data. I will be focusing on the data rather than the other services offered.

I visited their website to know more about their services.

At first I was kind of discouraged that my phone is not listed under the list of DITO compatible mobile phones.

I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and it does not support 5G.
But again why not try it. Unfortunately, I am not sure maybe because the signal is not that strong or good, or maybe I am simply impatient. It didn't work and is not activated. It can detect the sim, it detects the network of DITO too. But impatient as I am it didn't work and instead I decided to have it installed on an open line Huawei 4G wifi router, which is my original intention for this service from DITO.

I am using an existing Huawei B315s-936 4G wifi Router to test the DITO SIM.
The router is reset to factory to minimize configuration issues.
DITO SIM card is installed on the unit and turned on.
I also changed the preferred network to 4G only.

After restarting the Huawei B315S-936, I have internet connection :D

All these testings were done with a 3 bars 4G signal

All initial internet speed tests are better than expected. I find the internet speed to be fast, although I cannot compare it side by side with my existing fiber connection because of an internet connection issue this time.

I highly recommend this internet service.

The best part is that this time it is offering a 30 Days unlimited data promo for only php199 (As of March 28, 2021 visit DITO website for updates)

Will soon be testing with other 4G Wifi Routers to see which ones works with DITO SIMs.

Try DITO yourself make sure the service is available in your area.

This test is not sponsored by DITO and is done in my own personal capacity curious of their internet service.


The following things are used with this testing:

DITO SIM Card is purchased at Php40
DITO Load for Php199 is also purchased.
Huawei B315S-936 4G Wifi Router bought separately.

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