Best Work from Home Computer 2020
What is the best computer for a Work from Home (WFH) setup this year 2020?

It is not only for a work from home but also for home schooling.
With so many choices out there from Laptops, Desktops, All-in-Ones, Tablets,
Tablet-Laptops it is becoming so confusing to choose which one is the best.
To add to it, there are so many brands and even models of these choices.

This time we will try to focus on two products, Laptops and MiniPC desktops.

This is a very interesting comparison because it has been a source of discussion not only at home but also at the office.
Lets just layout the details of each and leave it to the reader which to choose from.
I personally like laptops because it is portable, I can work anywhere and it has most of things I need.
It has built-in webcam, built-in speaker and built-in batteries.
The things I don't like with laptops is that the display is very small, the keyboard is also not as comfortable as a regular keyboard.
So in my case, when I reach the office I have an extra 22-inch monitor to connect it to and a regular keyboard/mouse.
With this setup, it is like working on a regular computer.

On the other hand, my wife does not like laptops. She like her dual screen 22-inch monitor, comfortable keyboard/mouse.
She also likes to have a nice speakers and a better webcam. Having a MiniPC desktop like an Intel NUC is not only perfect for her
but also give her the choice of a bigger monitor, better speakers and the best choice of webcam.
The bad side of it, she can't bring it anywhere :) but her rationale is she wants to have the freedom to have a break from work.


I think the best work from home computer is a laptop. But it is only my opinion.
Turns out that even at the office, we have a lot of staff who prefers to bring home their Intel NUC MiniPC desktop
rather than avail of a new laptop. And their preference of a bigger screen, comfortable keyboard and mouse is the
main reason behind this choice. I quickly had a check with our customers and it is greatly divided too.

So to conclude, there is no clear best Work from Home Computer. It is a personal choice.


Laptop - Click Here for Laptop choices
+ Portable
+ Built-in webcam/speaker
- Small Display
- Small keyboard

MiniPC Desktop - Click Here for MiniPC choices
+ Big Monitor Display
+ Comfortable keyboard/Mouse
+ Choice of better webcam/speaker
- Fixed not portable