NUC7i7BNH Problem - LED blinks a lot of times then shuts down.
NUC7i7BNH have been running for quite sometime now and works very well. Then one day when turning it on, LED blinks a lot of times then shuts down. Tried using a different power adaptor and it shows the same problem.

Troubleshooting the problem lead to opening the NUC7i7BNH and while it is open seems like it works perfectly fine without the cover.

Upon checking on the Blink Codes and Beep Codes for Intel NUC

I found out that this is a documented problem that indicates a CPU thermal trip warning.

Carefully checking on the entire Intel NUC shows that the ventilation holes are not blocked and airflow is sufficient.

And again by the time the cover is installed, the problem happens again.

Upon careful check, I noticed that the cable for IR is somewhat having a problem. So since IR is never used, I decided to have it unplugged and test again. This time it worked perfectly fine.

Further check shows that the IR Cable with the Wifi cable is in between the m.2 storage and its thermal pads. This some how in due time cased the IR to be shorted and caused this problem.

This could be a design issue or simply something that everyone could easily miss out during an m.2 storage installation.

CONCLUSION: The cause of the problem turns out not to be the one that the blink codes suggested but instead a wiring damage caused by the heat produced by the m.2 storage pressed to the wire by the thermal pads. It is highly recommended that future installations of m.2 on this model and newer models of NUC should be taken with caution so as not to accidentally press any wires in between chip and thermal pads. For this case, removal of the defective wire of the IR is done and resolves the problem.