Now is the worst time to buy a laptop
Buying a new laptop is one of the most exciting at the same time confusing decision.
There are so many brands to choose from. Different designs, different specs and different models.
It might sound more confusing having so many choices but these choices provide a better deal.
There might be some laptops with same specs but different design or color.
In the end the buyer gets the best possible deal.

So why is it the worst time to buy a laptop?

Even with new models coming out and so many models to choose from, the sad reality is that there is a shortage of stocks for all laptops.
So when there is a shortage the choices becomes very limited. The stocks left are not the ones that fits what you want.

When does the stocks of the laptops of your choice arrives?

That is one really big question. Does the price goes down or goes up? That is another thing that is adding up to the pressure.
My stake is that buy if you badly need it, buy the closest based on the choices available.
But worst case, it might be a best decision to wait until the right choice is available.
Who knows you will be in a perfect timing where a newer model will be available that meets your needs.

Another choice is to maximize your exiting laptop by upgrading the memory and upgrading the storage from HDD to SSD.

While waiting for the stocks to be available you can always view the different models on our catalog.