Laptop Computers causes headaches
I noticed that I have been having some recurring headaches for the past couple of weeks.

This started when I started to do a Work From Home setup.
The other work changes is that I have been using my 13-inch laptop for an average of 12hours a day.

While during regular working days before the community quarantine, I am attaching my laptop to a 22-inch monitor and worked on the bigger display screen.

This made me curious and after a couple of searches, there are cases where users also experience headaches after spending extended periods of time on the computer. There are so many causes of it like glare on the screen, poor lighting, resolution of the display, refresh rate of the screen and others. It is called Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS).

So going back to the differences of my working condition using a laptop and 22-inch monitor of a desktop.

Using a laptop the screen is only 13-inch, the position of the laptop is in such a way that my posture is looking down as compared to the monitor where I am looking straight. And since the laptop is on the table, I need to tilt the screen so that I can have a better view but also reflects some of the ceiling lights.

So to summarize the difference has something to do with the size of the screen, the resolution of the screen and the posture while looking at the screen.
So now, I decided to bring home my desktop monitor and use it. I feel better and wish I have done it early on.

Laptop Computers does not cause headaches. Headaches associated with computers are usually because of not having a good display, not having good lighting, not having a good posture.

For all those laptop users out there, try using a regular desktop monitor. Another option is to have a good posture. There are accessories out there where you can put your laptop on an elevated position while using a standard usb keyboard and mouse.