Invest in a good Monitor Display
A lot of us work for long hours in front of the computer.

But the sad reality is that the quality of the LED monitors are not a priority when buying a computer. A lot of the customers would demand a faster processor, bigger memory, bigger storage but most of the time the cheapest monitor.

It should have been the other way around. LED monitors are the ones that you face everyday. A not so good monitor can cause health problems like headaches and eye strains. This might even contribute to the stress level of any individual at the end of the day.

Let's try to take time to compare a regular entry level Dell D1918H 18.5-inch LED monitor and a Dell E2219HN 22-in LED monitor.

Dell D1918H
Resolution - 1366 x 768
Brightness - 200cd/m2
Panel Type - TN

Dell E2219HN
Resolution - 1920x1080
Brightness - 250cd/m2
Panel Type - IPS

Using a 22-inch monitor will be more productive with a bigger screen. It will also have a higher resolution which is close to double that of the 18.5-inch monitor. This means more space to work, more space for more applications, more columns for spreadsheets and more windows to work. In a particular example, one hospital using a 22-inch monitor is more efficient because the entire dashboard is displayed without the need to scroll up and down. The same scenario using a 18.5-inch monitor proved to be a hassle since the entire dashboard does not fit in the screen and this is because of the resolution. There are so many actual work scenarios that will really show the advantages of the 22-inch monitor.

Heatlh. Having a 22-inch monitor is more healthy in a way that it provides a much better display that is also comfortable to the eyes. It is really hard to explain in details this part but when you have tried using an 18.5-inch and compare it to 22-inch experience then definitely you will be convinced.

Conclusion. 22-inch monitors are more expensive than a 18.5-inch monitors. When you spend an extended period of time in front of your computer, having the better one even if it is more expensive is worth the investment. It is a much better investment than the possible problems related to a bad monitor like headache, eye strains, eye fatique or even the need of eye glasses. So may it be for work or for home a good monitor is what everybody deserves.