Best Computer Upgrade Ever
With the current pandemic, computers are now more useful than ever. The problem is some of our computers are slow and are scheduled to be replaced with a new and faster computer.

Easier said than done, buying a new computer is an additional expense and this time of uncertainty saving more money is very crucial.

So the alternative of buying a new computer is upgrading it so that it will perform better.

The question now is what needs to be upgraded to make it better. Well to start with you can upgrade most of it and ending up the same as buying a new one. So when we talk about upgrades, it will be the part upgrade where it will be the least possible cost with the best possible results.

Upgrading a processor is not practical or even possible with laptops.

That leaves us with upgrading either the memory or the hard disk.

Direct to the point, if your computer has 4GB of memory, still using HDD and has SATA3 - the best upgrade is to install a SSD (Solid State Drive)
ADATA SSD vs Regular HDD
On my personal experience most of the laptops I have upgraded with the conditions above did not only perform so well, I would even say I find it more responsive compared to the new computers that are still running using a HDD.

On the other hand, these same units when upgraded to 8GB of memory while still using HDDs ... have improvements but not much noticed or observed.

Note that there have been very few upgrades from HDDs to SSDs that didn't produce the expected boost in performance but instead end up to be slower than the original HDD configuration. Most of them are those with SATA2 board interfaces, where the SATA3 SSDs instead of being downgraded to SATA2 end up running at SATA1.

I would say majority of the HDD to SSD upgrades were so successful that most of the users ended up extending the lifespan of their computers. This also upgraded their computing experience with a faster boot time and overall performance. This I would say my best computer upgrade ever.

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