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About Wired Systems
Established in 1996 in Cebu City Philippines, Wired Systems is a local company providing Information Technology products and Services.

Our Work is Our Passion.
Technology is our life, we love what we are doing and we know what we are doing. We have been working with our customers for the past 20 years, providing them their technology needs. We understand their challenges in their business and we are flexible with their unique requirements.

Based in Cebu.
One of the fastest growing region in the Philippines specifically in the sector of tourism, Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing. Our location gives us the advantage to provide a better service to our local customers. Cebu as trading hub of the Philippines allows us to easily access other parts of the Philippines and serve our out-of-town customers too.

More than the usual
We always see to it that we can leverage on our expertise and experience to find solutions. We have unusual products that we stock because we know that our customers need it. We have invested a lot of our resources in training our team, and research and development. Just this year, we are designated as an Intel IoT (Internet of Things) Retail Solutions Specialist for our projects related to Internet of Things using the Intel platform. Our business in not centered on the products but it is centered on the needs of our customers. We see to it that the needs of the customers will be provided by the most efficient product/services available.

We are growing
Our market now covers SMEs, Academic, Government, Manufacturing, Banks and other Information Technology companies. We value relationships with our customers and it is our goal to always make ourselves better through innovation and advance technology.

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